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Big 'D' Launches!!

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  • Big 'D' Launches!!

    On May 30th 2015 we launched Big'D' for the first time! Finally, after 3600 hrs building her - 15 summers in total, the champagne bottle was broken over Big'D's bow and she slipped into the waters of Belwood lake for her maiden Voyages! 35 friends and family attended the launch and BBQ. Toasts to Sailors of Old and the Sea and a prayer for safe passages were made. please celebrate with me by viewing the launch photos in my album...

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    Great photos


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      An update to Big "D's first year:

      After Launch Day, I enjoyed many days in fair and foul weather. Big 'D' handled all with class. Some slight modifications were necessary due to porpoising at speed. These included the addition of trim tabs. I used "Smart Tabs" to overcome this. It was discovered that during construction of her hull, I fell into the trap that many novice boat builders fall into. That trap is the desire to create a completely straight & true hull without the addition of a slight "hook" at the transom. Modern manufacturers create this during the molding process and it is included to overcome fluid dynamics of hull/ water/ speed interaction. The addition of the tabs also benefitted the "hole shot" enabling Big 'D' to plane out faster, improving fuel economy and a MUCH smoother ride! I also moved the batteries forward of the transom - improving the centre of balance.
      All in all, Big 'D' is a success and I am pleased in her performance: 28 mpg (24 kn) from a 1995 Evinrude 40 hp and 38 hrs on 50 litres of fuel at a troll. She handles wind, waves and currents with ease and is a "dry boat".

      Whaddya know...I CAN build a boat!


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