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Is it as simple as it looks?

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  • Is it as simple as it looks?

    I saw this:

    Has anybody done something like this?

    Looks kind of easy... Is it just me?

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    If you are talking about rebuilding a boat, It is fairly easy to do but is very time consuming, if the floor is soft or rotten then there is a good chance the stringers and transom are bad too. All of these can be replaced and in a lot of cases better than when the boat was new but it does take time and some knowledge. People here will help with ant questions - just ask.


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      Looks complicated,


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        I agree with is complicated. In many cases the deeper you dig, the more you find wrong and becomes more & more expensive. You need to be prepared to spend a lot of time and money to re-build a boat. You also need to have a good reason to do so such as; it has historic or personal significance, it is unique or hard to find, or it was free. Remember to have a lot of patience to do a good job - it's not just your life out there on the water. Good luck...


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