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New member, with his biggest resto project to date.

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  • New member, with his biggest resto project to date.

    Hello people,
    New to the forum and looking for advice, tips, ideas, stories of turmoil and some good old fashion discussion. I recently bought a 22' Fiberform (pics attached) at a great price. This is my first Inboard Outboard. Of course there's some work that needs to be done and some work that I want to do. I can differentiate between need and want, so I'm off to a better start than most novices!

    I've got to replace 2 stringers between the transom and interior bulkhead. And of course the decking (using 1/2 Marine ply and glassing over, maybe to save on the weight issue, I was thinking maybe a vinyl decking like you'd find on a new deck on a house. A previous owner did a horrible make shift job. Nothing I feel in over my head with. Some sealing around the exterior (windows). Other than that..... nothing major! (Comments and tips always welcome!)

    She's powered by a 160 inline 6 Merc. Has a great engine, built like a tank and a surplus of parts and if the time ever comes in my ownership, easily rebuilt. She's turn-key and purrs. I'm going to replace the impeller and fuel pump right off the hop, two things I feel are important as this boats new owner. Her leg appears to be in great condition as well. No scuffs, grooves, zinc needs to be replaced. I was told the exh aust flapper needs to be replaced. So it makes my list as well.

    The biggest part of my resto is going to be modernizing the interior. She's wearing classic 70's garb so it's out with the old and in with the new! The headliner needs to go! so instead of fabric I'd like to go with something that's removable so I can access wires eg Sonar, Radio etc. Thoughts?

    I'll be tearing out all the old carpet and throwing down a cushion step lino. Durable, easy to clean and comfortable barefoot (I'm always in bare feet or flip flops lol)

    So that's a little idea of what I'm doing and I'm pretty sure I'll be asking some questions over the winter and early spring, so please bare with me lol.

    Thanks in advance for any help, tips and ideas you contribute!

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    Click image for larger version

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    Resto project, I love them!
    I have 1976 21' campion that I resto'd, great boat tones of fun.
    I don't have pics of before "duh" but here are some of work almost complete.
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      Nice job, looks great!


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        I'd have a really good look at the transom, if the stringers are bad there is a good chance the transom is bad and you don't want to see the stern unit moving or possible pulling out of the back of the boat.


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          Hi Ruffian, you seem to know what you are doing! Differentiating between what you have to do and what you want to do is key to a successful restoration. Many members on this site are quite knowledgeable and can surely help. I scratch built my boat and I think a resto is much more involved than a fresh build. Keep the posts coming...great to see someone keeping a boat alive!


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            It looks awesome!


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