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New Member....Doing a total refit

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  • New Member....Doing a total refit

    Hello Everyone....I am in my third year of doing a refit on our 43' Pilothouse trawler. With any luck I should have our boat complete and ready to ship back to the water....Its been a huge job..Being it is a 1980 boat....all the systems needed some work...The hull is solid fibreglass and the engine (160 HP Isuzu Diesel) was replaced just before I purchased the vessel...Holding tanks were minimal so use in no discharge zones was a problem...The electrical systems were basic but in poor shape....with some household wire added over the years...very little circuit protection (it was waiting for a good fire)...Anyway...I have stripped the boat of all the old electrical and re-wired everything properly with quality marine supplies....that goes for all the plumbing also...I managed to find places to install new polyethylene tanks for fresh water (150 gal) water (60 gal)....grey water (80 gal) lines...pumps...a marine demand hot water heater....etc...
    Charging system was something I spent a lot of time on with a "smart reg" off the single engine alternator...300 watts of solar...and a Honda 3000watt generator installed on the upper deck..

    I am in the process right now of building the new swim deck as the old one was too small and not multi purpose as we wanted...When I gave the swim deck design some thought It occurred to me how important a swim deck can be....and the planning and design needed to build something low maintenance and useful. Our needs for the swim deck were much more than just an easy way to board or exit the boat. We needed a stainless "stow away" boarding ladder... a mount for our emergency "get out of trouble" outboard motor...a solid mounting platform for the stern thruster....and a pair of staples for safety and ease of on / off the kayak or paddle board....I finally made the patterns and have welded it all out of Aluminum with the walking surface to be a light grey composite decking material (1" thick x 6" wide boards)...A job I originally thought would take less than a week but is now heading into the second week of construction.

    I never realized that this item could be such an important addition to a well equipped boat and the effort to get it done right...Anyone contemplating doing a major refit or some part of one that may need a little input....please give me a shout....I am a trades man Ticketed carpenter and Cabinetmaker....Have extensive welding with electronics....a good mechanic....

    Thanks all....

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    Hi Wintertree, wow, that is a BIG job and a labour of love by the sound of it. I hope you are using all of your ABYC knowledge! We would really like to see some photos of her. By the way, what is her name?


    • #3 has been a big job....ABYC (and Canada transport) are the only way to do a the vessel will have top go thru an extensive survey before the insurance company will be happy....heck ...I need to be happy.....I don't want to risk anyones safety and I would really like to keep our boat off the bottom...LOL....Our Vessel's name is "Fourpoints"....and I will try to post a pic or two when I get a chance....Soon to be mored at Ladysmith on Vancouver Island Canada....where we will spend some quality time exploring the west coast as far north as Alaska (She carries enough fuel to go from Victoria BC to Alaska with out using reserves (@ hull speed 7.5 knots).....


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