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need some help with drive install

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  • need some help with drive install

    I have a 97 four winns 180h 4.3gl/sx (penta), I just removed the drive for its annual inspection (i just bought the boat last year) i ended up changing my gimble to the newer greasless one also the u-joint boot and the 2 orings on the input shaft. The problem I am having is putting the drive back on, my alingment seems ok i can get the shaft to engage in the engine by about 2inch or so but i could not get it to go any further, after many frustrating hours i ended up helping it in with a block of wood, it started then I could push it in by hand the rest of the way. I have been second guessing doing that and thinking about pulling the drive back off, but I spoke with the local marine shop and they told me that sometimes that is what you have to do. I have been on many sights but knowone really talks about what kind of effort it takes to get the drive in.

    Can anyone give some feed back as to how much effort it should take to get the drive back on after changing all these parts? or if I should take it back off and try and play with my mounts to try and get it that hair it is out back into a better alingment?

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    you should never have to drive, pull or pound an outdrive on. You need the proper alignment bar to properly adjust engine alignment on units with a gimbal bearing. .


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      I had a similar experience with a Mercruiser outdrive many years ago and agree 100% with Howard Sterndrive. It is no different with an engine/transmission in a car. I think you may have to pull the outdrive back off and closely inspect the spline and thrust bearing/plate for signs of scoring or striations. Whatever is causing the binding, think it should slide on easily.


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