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1992 Zodiac Projet

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  • 1992 Zodiac Projet

    I have a 1992 Zodiac projet. I live in northern Canada and am having dificulty finding parts. I am looking for the float tube which surrounds the machine as well as some steering parts. I have contaced Zodiac in SC. however, this model is no longer made and they have no parts for me.

    Does anyone know of an area where this model was more popular and there may be some used parts or machines for sale.

    Any help would be greatly apprciated.


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    Re: 1992 Zodiac Projet

    Hi Railroad, what size is the inflatable (you don't actually mention the model #)? As far as steering, have you considered aftermarket products such as Teleflex, etc.?
    Let us know how you do...


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      Re: 1992 Zodiac Projet

      The model number is 2042. Essentially it is the 420 (13' 9") size as opposed to the 350.

      Thanks for the lead towards Teleflex. I had not considered them, but it looks like they may be able to help me either get the part, or at least the proper ends so I can build up the part myself.

      Thanks again, I'll keep you posted in the spring. It is snowmobile season here now. Projet will have to wait until May before it sees the water.


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