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is it worth it??

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  • is it worth it??

    okay so im not new to boats, i was born and raised on the water. i have a 1991 pro line 230 walkaround cuddy with a 225 yamaha. we recently had a friend put a new floor in it and fixed some rot in a stringer. i have a change of heart and i want a center console. i love the way this boat rides, its a good size for me. it now has some rot in the transom, and i was wondering if ya'll think it would be worth it to cut the cabin out, fix all the rot, and make it into a center console?? i know you can buy premade consoles to put in the boat. im a carpenter by trade and i have friends and family that know how to do fiberglass. or would it be cheaper to try to get rid of this and purchase a center console?? i was just thinking of building one so i can put fish boxes, storage, and the size fuel tank i want in it since i do plenty of offshore fishing....any thoughts, opinions and help is well appreciated...thank ya'll!!

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    Hi C_mo88,

    Whew! Sounds like a tall order. Replacing a transom may be tough considering the extent of dry rot. I'm sure you know how far the rot goes: stringers, bottom core, etc. If that was your only concern, I'd say go for it - it's not too big of a job but considering you want to replace the cuddy with a centre console - you're adding an entirely new level of labour.
    Here's something to keep in mind: Will the hull accept a centre console without compromising it's integrity, strength and buoyancy? (You would need to make some heavy calculations there). Will the cost of repairing the transom and adding your changes be offset by the improvements you desire? (in essence, would it be cheaper to scratch build). What about changes to wiring/rigging?
    Ultimately, you will need to research the build/repair in depth before picking up your tools and decide for sure "is it worth it".

    Good luck...please let us know what your decision is and how you intend to will help us all!

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