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1884 Bonito 16'4" project

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  • 1884 Bonito 16'4" project

    Well got my first boat yesterday. It's a 1984 Bonito dual console 16'4". It's a little rough but I see the potential. Paint /gel coat is faded, floor was replaced with plywood, the bow was covered with plywood and a fishing chair was mounted up front. Odd things to it...owner ran 2 110v outlets with what looks to be 5 wall switches under the steering wheel. Trailer looks in good shape, engine suppose to run, battery is new, have title and registration, depth/fish finder included.i figure a little tlc and about $500 I can get this thing on the water. My first boat and I know I have a lot to learn. Will post pics when I figure out how to.

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    That's a good effort! I think that when you work on your boat, a bit of your soul goes into her and you get a great reward in knowledge in return. Looking forward to those pics...


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      Originally posted by DougL32226 View Post
      Will post pics when I figure out how to.
      Its simple but if you need any help PM me or read the FAQ. always like reading and seeing projects pictures.


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        share your experience

        i also buy one boat so i wanted to first know your experience of your first boat.
        pls share some pics.
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        i feel really good for my boat.


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