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92' SeaRay Bowrider rebuild

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  • 92' SeaRay Bowrider rebuild

    I bought my 92' SeaRay Bowrider for 3 grand. The 7.4L ran perfect until the spline on the flywheel hub wore flat. I had to pull the engine out to replace the hub, that I found a used replacement on eBay for only $125. The bad part was that once I had the engine out I found the floor to be rotted out. I figured I would start pulling the floor up to replace what was bad. Little did I know, that the entire floor and all stringers had a lot of moisture. I ended up rebuilding the stringers and floor for just under 5 grand. Now I'm in the process of rebuilding the 7.4 L. Hopefully I'll have it in the water this summer...

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    Good to hear that you are going the distance on her. If there is anything I've learned it's perseverance!


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