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Terrible Storm Nearly Claims Big 'D'

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  • Terrible Storm Nearly Claims Big 'D'

    OMG! We had a terrifying moment at my home last week during a storm. A neighbour's 60' walnut tree came crashing to the ground during a sizable down draft (I still think it was an F1 tornado)! It took out a fence, my next door neighbour's garage, my garden shed and the boat house which is the home of Big 'D'. Several large branches crushed the tube frame and one even penetrated the roof! Although she's covered in twigs, amazingly, not a single sratch was to be found on her! Big 'D' is nearly complete - having only the wiring to do- but not yet insured....Which brings me to a question: When does plywood and lumber become an insurable vessel??? Having spent the last 12 summers building my boat, I think I just found my own answer! LOL! Please have a look at my photos to see my scary moment!

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    OMG is right... I had large branches but not a full tree fall near my boat. Were you able to get the insurance for the boat.


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      Thankfully, not a scratch was found on her! I can't believe my good fortune! The new pics in my album show her pulled out of there and cleaned up for the "big unveiling". After taking the photos, I started to do the huge clean up - including dismantling my destroyed garden shed (what a job that was) cleaning up branches and straightening the tube frame of the boat shelter. I still need a new tarp for the roof (and a new garden shed) but won't make a claim for damage as it was minimal. My next door neighbour was not so fortunate, though. He lost his garage completely. I have thanked him profusely, however, for shielding Big 'D' from certain destruction and will help with his re-build. The tree was a solid and healthy 92 yr old Walnut and there was over 2 ton of harvested wood.
      I'm not sure yet what to do for insuring the boat. I have to get a survey before any company will touch me - probably because they are afraid of "home built" boats. I read Howardsterndrive's post and agree that all I really need is liability coverage. Do you have any thoughts on the insurance thing?


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          Thank you...I didn't think it was so great when it happened but all is well. The boat is fine, my garden shed was replaced, I have a new "instant garage" and my neighbour has a brand new garage. Thankfully, there are no more big trees around to fall on Big 'D'. Oh...I now have an abundance of firewood for the winter...lol


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