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What battery switch to purchase and other question?

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  • What battery switch to purchase and other question?

    I have a 16 ft. AMC Crestliner bowrider and a 50hp Evinrude motor, dual batteries (both deep cycle) fish finder, livewell and of course the required amount of lights. It 's been recommened that I should have a dual battery switch. But the problem is I'm a tad confused as to what brand of switch to buy. I am familiar with the names of most brands: Perko, Attwood, Bluesea etc. Anyone of these should be of the (4 way type). And it's been said that I should look for one that has the feature that has the (Alternator Field Disconnect) apparently it protects your alternator or motor in the event that I accidently shut the motor off while running it. I've read that: ON UNITIZED ALTERNATORS WITH BUILT IN REGULATOR- A FIELD DISCONNECT CANNOT BE INSTALLED. I Have no idea what that means. My motor must have an alternator in it of some sort but whether it's UNITIZED or not is another story. I've read in some forums the term (MAKE or BREAK) what is meant by that. I"ve recently aquired a Dual Battery Test Panel Indicator which apparently can be wired up in line with the switch which sounds like a good idea to me as well.
    Any thoughts or opinions on this subject would be welcome.
    There is one final question submitted for suggestions which would help me out a great deal in solving this problem is that I have 2 gas tanks and 2 battery's. This seems like a lot of weight in the stern once the tanks are full. Would there be any problem with me putting either the 2 batteries on either side of the livewell up in the bow area underneath the platform (viberation might be a factor though maybe) or the 2 gas tanks instead. In this way the weight would be evenly distrbuted.
    I would just like to do things right the first time. Thanks Joe

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