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    I have installed a new bow thruster into my 38 foot power boat. Hull is aluminum.
    The thruster is 1000 watts and will draw over 125 amps in a hurry. The maximum running duration time is set a three minutes. In practice, I think the thruster might only run one minute maximum with each use.
    I have placed a dedicated 1000 amp starting battery very close to the thruster with very short leads, so I confident this will handle the job. The engine will be running every time the thruster is in use, so the alternator will also kick in to help.
    Now I wish to run a charge line from my 50 amp alternator to the dedicated bow thruster battery. The alternator is 25 feet away so total charge wire run including negative will be 50 feet. Since the alternator is also tied to the engine starting battery, I plan on using an isolator so that I'll have the load isolated and the bow thruster can not drag down or damage my engine starting battery.
    My question is:
    Since my alternator puts out 50 amps, my thinking is that I should use a line capable of handling 50 amps but this would mean using a #1 AWG wire which is very heavy. But, do I really need this heavy a line?

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