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Choosing a Depth Finder

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  • Choosing a Depth Finder

    In need of a depth finder for my 16 foot Doral bow rider and faced with tree different transducer installation methods.

    Thru hull is not for my courage as drilling a large hole in the bottom of the boat leaves me cold.

    So down to in hull or transom mount. The in hull is appealing as it requires no drilling of holes. Yet it seams to be more challenging when it comes to placement. How would one know if the chosen location is the thinnest area of the hull structure.

    Transom mount although requiring holes to be drilled appears more fool proof. One can install a transom plate first in the event adjustments are required to avoid additional holes and the cable hole can be above the water line. Not sure how large that hole has to be to accommodate that cable however.

    Please share your experiences as it will help me make a decision.

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