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4.3 engine wont start

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  • 4.3 engine wont start

    I bit of background

    I bought a cheap 1995 Bayliner boat a month ago with an unusable 4.3 engine that was not winterized (I knew this before I bought the boat so no surprise). I proceeded to remove the engine and bought a rebuilt long block engine.

    The engine is back installed and the first thing I proceeded to do is a test for spark before even attempting to start it. I had a solid spark. Then attempted to start the engine and almost got it to run but then right away ran into problems with the carburetor. I ended up buying a rebuild kit for the carburetor and rebuilt it.

    Now the engine won't start at all. Now when checking the spark it is very weak, nothing like when I tested it at first. I replaced the ignition coil thinking that would solve the problem but still a very weak spark. I'm testing at coil lead wire so it is not the distributor.

    Any ideas on what to look for? This is the first time I'm working on a boat but my background is a car machinic even though it has been about 20 years when I quit car mechanics for a career switch of software development. So now mechanics it is a hobby.

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