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  • Transom - Campion Explorer 622

    We have a 1999 Campion Explorer 622 - 24 foot walkaround fishing boat. Unfortunately, the previous owners didn't understand that gravity helped water flow down hill and drain out of boats. Consequently, we have some rotten wood inside the floor of the boat and the transom is beginning to bend like crazy - jello like when leaning on it.

    The transom carries the weight of our 200 HP Outboard, so you can see why we are a bit concerned.

    We just received ONE quote of $3000 to basically lift the whole floor, replace the stringers (most are rotten within 2 feet of the transom) and re-fiberglass the floor back on.

    Is it worth it to do this? Or should we just try to sell now? We bought it for 17 K two years ago and have had a blast with it. Maybe, we could 12 ish with full disclosure.

    Or get another quote?? Any advice would help. Seems we keep repeating these silly little life mistakes!!

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    We just received ONE quote
    Always get more than one quote


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      I fixed mine myself, it only took one weeked and cost around $400.00 for everything to do it. If you are handy and know about fiberglass it is not a big job.


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