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Propeller Damaged While Being Towed

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  • Propeller Damaged While Being Towed

    Hi everyone, I hope someone in this forum can help me with this since I know nothing about motor boats.
    I and my friends rented a boat (1991 21 maxum ski boat) from TreasureIslandMarina in Kingston Ontario for the first time last weekend.
    They mentioned that there are some issues with the engine but they said it is nothing serious (the rpm drops suddenly for no reason).
    Anyhow, we took it for a ride and after several instances of rpm drops and restarting the engine, the engine shut off and did not start in the middle of the lake.

    We called them and they suggested to wave and ask for help from nearby boats and have them tow us to Gananoque Municipal Marina.
    A gentleman in a passing boat was kind enough to tow us to Ganaqueway. However, while being towed we heard the propeller hit a rock.

    Now, the owner does not believe us that this happened while we were being towed and he says their mechanic has looked at the propeller and believes it hit the rock while it was spinning. So, he wants to charge us for the damage.

    We are 100% sure that it happened when the engine was shut off and when we were being towed.
    Is there any way we can prove this? Out of the 3 wings, 1 is completely bent, 1 is very slightly bent and 1 is completely untouched.
    I am attaching a photo of the propeller that I took with my cell phone.

    I would appreciate any help, comment, or suggestion.

    Thank You

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    The prop in the picture hit something but the motor definitely was NOT running or it would have torn the piece off rather than bend it back. If the owner wants you to pay for it - DON'T as the motor was NOT running when this happened. If he insists tell him you will take this further. If he has your card number and bills your card, first get a hold of your credit card company and dispute the payment then make sure you get the prop as you have supposedly paid for it and tell the owner you are taking this further without saying anything else.


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