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How to get rid of moisture in the fuel tank

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  • How to get rid of moisture in the fuel tank

    I have an older Bayliner 28 with twin 170 HP engines and it has been sitting for a couple of years with only a small amount of gas in the 140 gallon fuel tank. There has been and probably still is moisture in the tank since what remains of the fuel level sender is just rust. Also, the engines run for a while and then quit.

    I can get the remaining gas pumped out, but how do you ensure that the moisture gets dried out?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    I would check the filters and i would get a inline seperator/filter with clear bowl.


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      ACETONE mixes with water or water mixes with acetone . tip in a litre or 2 and slosh it round and pump it out . Fit a good filter with a elements and a glass bowl in each line and standard clip on fitting each side so it can have a tote tank coupled or bypassed or what ever . Been boating for more than 30 years and never once had a moisture problem !!!


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        methyl hydrate will dry out the moisture.


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          Add a small amount of any anhydrous alcohol to keep the moisture out of the fuel tank. Read the instructions to find out the exact amount necessary for your fuel tank size


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