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Need help with painting 12 foot aluminum

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  • Need help with painting 12 foot aluminum

    I'm looking to do a interior + exterior paint job on my 12 foor aluminum and hoping someone can give me a few tips.

    First for the outside of the boat (just the strip above the water line), I know if I repaint it with just paint it will get scratched up quickly and look terrible (I'm a bit clumsy). I'm considering:

    1- Instead of paint, using a colored truck bed liner. Grizzly Grip has such a product available in tons of colors. I figure it would be a lot more durable than paint. Has anyone tried this? Opinions? Here's a link to their website

    2- I'm also considering stripping off the existing paint and just leaving the aluminum bare. I think this looks decent and then I don't need to worry about paint scratches, rubbing from tie down straps, etc.

    I'm wondering to do you need to seal the aluminum with anything if stripped down to bare metal. The hull and transom is pretty dull/oxidized looking so I think it would look a bit goofy if the sides were bright/polished. However maybe I could polish the whole boat??? Opinions?

    Now for the inside of the boat. Currently there is a gross lime green paint that is wearing away on many spots. Not flaking, just worn down. I would like to paint or truck bed liner the inside of the boat.

    Can anyone reccomend a good product? Grizzly Grip appears good, however I'd also consider a durable epoxy paint. A buddy told me that the paint would weight less. I heave the boat around by myself a lot so weight is a factor.

    If anyone has any tips for my project that would be awesome. I definitely want to do something with the interior of the boat, and possibly paint or leave bare the exterior.

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    paint 12 footer

    I put cleaning pads on an air grinder. The little green pads are the best. Took all the paint off the outside of my boat. No need to seal. Aluminum doesn't rust. On the inside I put gray outdoor carpet and built storage bins and a little deck. Bedliner works good too. It is permanant though, so choose a color you really like. You'll need to prep the inside of the boat. Scuff up with sandpaper. It will also get rid of loose or chipped paint. Blow out with an air tip or vacuum the dust. Apply liner as directed. Pretty simple and a good investment.
    Good luck.


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      Before painting or using your grizzly grip, I would investigate if they are compatible with an "etching" primer. Ryandup32 is right that aluminum doesn't rust. But is does oxidize upon contact with oxygen (air) and without something between the paint & aluminum, the paint will eventually peel right off. An etching primer cleans as it etches into the aluminum and seals out oxygen. This allowed your ugly green interior to wear away instead of peeling off. Same thing with'd be wasting your money on good 2 stage epoxy without the primer. By the way...ordinary car primer won't work.
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        i'm not a professional painter and i'm posting this a little late, but Benjamin Moore makes a paint called "fresh start" excellent paint for all surfaces, wood, metal, brick, cement, melamine. check it out.
        Primer Paint - Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer Paints


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