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Where is the Mahogany?

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  • Where is the Mahogany?

    When I started building my boat, Big 'D', it was hard - but not impossible - to find South American Mahogany. Its beauty and resistance to rot is only second to Teak and reacts superior to glues and resins. Because of these features, it has been the first choice of boat and furniture builders for generations and has resulted in what I see as a worldwide shortage in supply.
    Reacting to the specialty wood shortage, providers have turned to an African supply of wood commonly called...you guessed it...African Mahogany. It is available now nearly everywhere exotic woods are sold and is touted as having similar properties to SA Mahogany. Indeed, the African variety is a cousin to the SA staple and has almost the same qualities but has a lower toleance to rot. It does have a beautiful grain and when varnished, it displays the rich golds and reds found in the traditional wood.
    While high demand for a dwindling supply in South America has put stress on availability, the option of using African Mahogany in handcrafting furniture or boat parts comes at a welcome time. Only time will tell if this too will become as rare as the much desired wood of our Marine history.
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