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    Well end of last season our family bit the bullet and decided to become boat owners. We picked up a ready to run older boat, it's a 1983 Glastron 151-SSV with a 82' Evinrude 90Hp outboard out back.

    It's been a long winter so far and seems to be dragging on and on while we await being able to get it out on the water.

    It's ready to hit the water but needs to have a couple things sorted out in order to pull the kids properly on water skies and tubes. The ski pole we purchased (Used) from an early year Glastron boat doesn't quite fit our boat with the rear bench seat. The support Arms are about 18 inches too short to reach the ball stud mounting points on our stern. My original plan is to extend these support brace arms 18 inches by cutting them in half and welding in a section. Option two would be to move the rear bench seat forward about 5 inches and remount the base plate behind the rear bench seat and either cut or extend support Arms as needed. Option two is more work but doesn't obstruct our rear bench seat. Still causing forums trying to get the best information possible b4 we make any moves on which way to proceed.

    As for pulling tubes I'm leaning toward an outboard tow buddy that is designed for use on outboard motors. Other than that I'm not too sure about other options.

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    Here are some more pictures of our new toy we are itching to take out as soon as we can....


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