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    Hello all.

    New to boating and sailing.
    I have sailed a few times with others. Have had my boating license for years.
    I get to use it finally.

    Just scored a new to me sail boat for cheap on Kijiji.

    It used to live at a cottage and is quite dirty. Cleaning beautifully though.
    Definitively orange but under certain lights the paint shouts out "I want to be red".

    It's advertised as a functional boat. Has a few sins which I will fix this winter.
    Mulling if I will repair the shoddy fibreglass repairs on the hull.

    The rudder is mounted without any washers. Metal nor plastic and is wearing it's attachment points down. Things like that.
    A bit late in the season but I am hitching to get it on the river and try her out.

    It came with two sets of sails.

    One of them I believe original.
    The main seems OK. The jib is in tatter.

    Can someone identify the insignia?

    Thanks for reading this.


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    Did you work on it yet, Daniel? Planning to have it ready for the spring/summer?


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