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    Hello, my name is Christopher Porter and onboard the Graybeard, the world's largest fibreglass racing cruiser built in 1970.

    I have worked around the world creating some of the largest edutainment exhibits for marine conservation. I have been featured in a number of nature documentaries
    based on my past in the public aquarium industry, I work now focuses on the development on direct conservation projects for the oceans in the oceans. LIVE Aquatic BC was inspired by learning the unique alternative to mooring and anchoring through Eco-Conservation Moorings. LIVE Aquatic BC provides an unique edutainment opportunity for boaters and the public.

    It now is on a mission to build the world's largest eco-conservation mooring network through a COOP. The first mooring site, upon attaining initial 60 members, is Mermaid Cove - Powell River. Featuring a 9 foot bronze mermaid statue submerged at 60 feet. Cameras installed on the mooring allow guests from around the world to enjoy the aquatic life of BC live. The mooring site is a perfect stopover for boats destined to Princess Louisa Inlet or Desolation Sound.

    If you are interested in joining as a founding member of LIVE Aquatic (BC) Cooperative, please contact and I will send you an information package.

    After decades around the world in and on the water, I am excited about the advantages of an eco-conservation network for the environment and boaters.

    Looking forward to connecting with you all in these amazing waters of our beautiful oceans.

    Christopher Porter
    T: +1 604 212 2345

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