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    The Anna and Holly Express

    2007 Mirror World Championships, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    13th January 2007 - Second Days Racing.

    The second day of the Mirror World Championships was the first day that the weather was predicted to be a bit light. Launching was once again to the accompaniment of Alistair Mackenzies bagpipes.

    The first race was started in what, for this regatta, can be considered lightish conditions of 11 knots from the South West and in a light chop. It took a General Recall, an I Flag Start with another General Recall followed by a Z Flag start before the fleet finally got off at 10:59 a.m. Three boats scored ZFP under rule 30.2 - if flag Z has been displayed, no part of a boat's hull, crew or equipment shall be in the triangle formed by the ends of the starting line and the first mark during the minute before her starting signal. If a boat breaks this rule and is identified, she shall receive, without a hearing a 20% scoring penaly calculated as stated in rule 44.3(c), which in this case equated to an additional 16 points being added to each of the three boats that were over the line before the start.

    The course sailed was triangle, sausage and race one heralded the start of the Anna Mackenzie and Holly Scott Express (GBR) as they sailed to a first place followed by Martin Egan and Tom Wilkerson (GBR) with Waldo Zevenster and James Potgieter (South Africa) in third.

    Race number two was sailed over a windward leeward course after a little bit of mark shifting to accomodate the now south south west wind of around 12 knots. The race was started with only one boat OCS and was relatively fast with the first boat finishing in 54 minutes. The racing was very tight as the final boat finished just under 9 minutes later.

    Once again the Anna Mackenzie and Holly Scott Express (GBR) were in first place, Doire Shiels and Graham Daly (Ireland) were second and John and Jamie Clementson (GBR) a close third.

    For the third race the wind shifted another 30 degrees back towards the west, the course was adjusted slightly and the number 2 flag went up for the triangle, sausage. With 15 knots wind strength and light chop most boats marched up the first beat right of middle which was the inshore course to get to the top mark.

    On the downwind leg the judges moved in to yellow flag the race leaders, Nick Davis and John Collova (Australia). Their 720 penalty put them back to second place. This coupled with some debris on their centreboard and missing a lift on the inshore side of the beat up to the windward mark put paid to their hopes for a first place.

    The Anna Mackenzie and Holly Scott (GBR) Express sailing on Simply Gorgeous got their third first place of the day followed by John and Jamie Clementson (GBR) in second and third place was taken by Emma and Martina Barry (GBR).

    Top three places (after six races):
    1. Anna Mackenzie and Holly Scott (England) - 27 points
    2. John Clementson and Jamie Clementson (England) - 47 points
    3. Nick Davis and John Collova (Australia) - 52 points

    Top Sailors by Country:
    1. Anna Mackenzie and Holly Scott (England)
    2. Sieraj Jacobs and Ashwin Daniels (South Africa)
    3. Nick Davis and John Collova (Australia)
    4. Doire Shiels and Graham Daly (Ireland)
    5. Per Backlund and Thomas Backlund (Sweden)

    The weather outlook for to-morrow is South South West at 6 knots swinging to South West 10 to 16 knots. 24 degrees celsius and cloudy.

    The race within the race:
    At every dinghy event the sailors are accompanied by a whole entourage of coach and support boats. These boats range from small to large, spartan to luxurious. This is where the race within the race occurs as not only is there a competition to go to sea in the most luxurious RIB, there is also a competition to get to the top, reach and bottom marks the fastest, and the winner in this contest so far? Definitely Team GBR.

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