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  • Victory Versus Spirit

    Victory Versus Spirit

    Victory Team's Mohammad Al Merri feels the start of Friday's Pole Position will prove crucial to determine the 2006 champion for the UIM Class One World Powerboat Championship.

    "Anyone who can turn the first buoy first is going to have the advantage," Al Merri said after Thursday's official testing for the Dubai Grand Prix - the final round of the UIM Class One World Powerboat Championship.

    After last week's last-lap disappointment, Spirit of Norway turned in with the best lap of 2:39.96, marginally better than Qatar 96's 2:40.70 and Al Merri's Victory 77's 2:41.15.

    And if that is not too much of a challenge, the Dubai Meteorological Department has predicted scattered rain showers and thunderstorms that are likely to develop from early afternoon on Friday.

    "In view of the weather conditions, we have done testing for both kinds of sea conditions," Al Merri assured.

    "And Spirit of Norway too have tested for rough seas due to the shamal blowing in," he added.

    Despite foul weather threatening to blow off the racing weekend, Saeed Hareb, Managing Director of Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), assured that nothing will be altered on the programme.

    "We will go ahead with the schedule," Hareb said.

    After seven rounds of the championship, just one point separates Spirit of Norway and Victory 77 with 102 and 101 points respectively.

    Qatar 95 is in third with 79 points and teammates Qatar 96 are in fourth with 70.

    Hareb advised competitors to adhere to the new finish procedures laid down in the rules.


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