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Canadian boat registration

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  • Canadian boat registration

    i had this boat given to me a bazzilion years ago by the owner of the boat plant i worked at. i finally decided to do something with it. i cant find a hull number and theres only a capacity plate on it. I aquired the nessessary paperwork to register it, but, cant fill it out completely due to the unknowns. (my boss at the factory is now dead btw) how hard is it to get registered now and what hoops do i need to back flip through to make it legal???????

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    Hello delirious, never had that kind of problem but you might find some answers here:


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      Boat registration dilemma

      What size is the boat? Is it an I/O or OB? Is thereto hull number even moulded into the glass? You should still be able to register it since registration isn't a form of ownership...


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        Hey Delirious,

        You won't need a serial number to get vessel numbers for your boat. As long as you can describe the hull, colour and have a mailing address you should be ok to get Pleasure craft Boat Numbers. Hope this helps

        Cheers Henry,
        Legend Boats


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