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Towing with a dinghy

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  • Towing with a dinghy

    I have a 11'2 Walker Bay Genesis console dinghy with a 20 hp Mercury and I would like to tow my kids (6 and 8) on a tube. I'm having a little trouble getting some good advice on how to set that up.

    I tried going to Walker Bay directly to ask how they set theirs up in the advertisements they use to sell their boats but they suggested that the pictures in the ads and promotional video were basically a tricked out version of the boat and not representative of what it can actually do. They recommended I not use the dinghy for towing.

    Does anyone out there have one of these that they pull tubers on? How about a similar size and powered dinghy?



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    Dinghy races are conducted on sheltered water on smaller craft, usually designed for crews of between one and three people. They are almost all equipped with one mast. Some have only one triangular sail, but most have two configured as a sloop, and usually carry a spinnaker, a large, bulging sail designed for sailing "with the wind". Most races are conducted between vessels of identical design ("one design" racing). In these races, with identical equipment the sailors best able to make use of the ambient conditions win.


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      I have a caribe

      I have a caribe 8 ft inflatable and do not tube on it, but sometimes i tow my kayak with me. Im not sure if it would work for tubing, but I just tie a rope that splits to the stern handles of my caribe.


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        Good thing inflatable boats are easy to carry around, especially when me and my buddies go island-hopping. Saves us the troubles of having to tow around a kayak or such.


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