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Newb needs help

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  • Newb needs help

    Hey there, I need some help and this seems to be the best place to ask seeing as I could not find any decent info about this after a couple hours of looking on the web. I am building a small watercraft (aka a raft) for use in the bay where I live. Now I figure that I will need lifejackets on board, as well as a rope of some sort, and I would like to have an anchor. The boat will be man powered so no engine. Now is there anything else that I would need to keep this legal, I would hate to get fined for trying to get some cheap fun. Any input would be appreciated. thanks

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    Welcome to the site dropped 95

    Try looking around here ...


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      thank you very much for posting that link. For some reason I jsut couldnt find that information when I was searching. It seems that I will be able to operate my craft legally. I will definitely post up a build thread once this gets going. Should be interesting. Looking to build a bicycle powered raft/catamaran.


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        While it may not be required by law, you should carry flares (in a waterproof box) so you can bring attention to yourself in an emergency.
        Also, perhaps most importantly, carry a good anchor and plenty of rode. Depending on the charted depths where you will be operating, always carry more rode than you could imagine ever needing. If you start getting blown offshore you need to stop your progress, hence the need for good ground tackle. Unless you know you can swim the length of the bay....


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          Safe Boating Guide

          Transport Canada published a new Safe Boating Guide this spring. The major difference is that the size categories have been changed. The cut-off length has been moved from 8m to 9m. Unfortunately the old information has not been removed.

          The new Guide is available at

          Another accessory is a signal mirror to attract attention. You can buy these at most marine stores or an old CD works really well and the price is right, Free!


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