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New to live abroad - need some help please

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  • New to live abroad - need some help please

    Hello there,
    We are new to boating. We have been full time RVing for the past 7 years, a family of 4 , my husband myself and our 2 adult girls (23,26). We are now looking to start full time boating , live in BC and are looking to buy used yacht to start our new adventure. I was wondering if someone here would be able to kindly share some information on the full time boating in Canada? Are there any of you that have kids as our kids age and how is it going for you?
    we are looking to buy used boat, we wanted 3 cabins , but it seems that based on our budget we would need to compromise on 2 cabins and maybe turn some area in the boat to 3rd cabin. Did anyone do it and have experience in it? Basically any information you can please share with us regarding full time boating would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Thank you so much in advanced.

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