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Evinrude VRO 110 hp - smoking motor

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  • Evinrude VRO 110 hp - smoking motor

    Hi, My Evinrude VRO 110 HP outboard which is approx. 30 years old & showing 276 hours seems to emit copious light blue smoke when running. Doesn't appear to affect operation &as engine runs smoothly but am concerned that due to the smoking that it may be causing damage to the motor. It is not low on feeder oil to the motor. When it's stationary & idling , the blue smoke is quite a lot & you cannot see the stern area around the motor. As I don't know much about outboards, I'm hoping someone can advise why there is so much smoke & what the problem might be causing it. Would appreciate any comments which might identify the cause, regards & thanks, sabusforms

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    Hi sabusforms, I used to have a few old smokers manufactured in the 60's and found they needed the cylinder walls honed and new piston rings installed. The earlier outboards didn't have the alloys of today and were subject to wear. Burnt deposits, oil and fuel impurities also contributed to their demise. As I'm not a mechanic and have no way to be sure why your engine isn't burning clean, you should be asking a professional. Best of luck and let us know what you have found...


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