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Double Eagle Kicker Mounting Ideas??

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  • Double Eagle Kicker Mounting Ideas??

    Hi I just bought a 1987 16.5' Double eagle. Has a 1996 135 merc black max 2 stroke on it. I would like to add a kicker for trolling. I was wondering if I can put a kicker right on the transom or should i use a kicker mount. either a fixed mount or an adjustable one. Seems to me that mounting the kicker right to the transom would leave the motor very deep in the water. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I had a double eagle with an adjustable kicker mount on the port transom. Needed the adjustment I felt depending on how rough the water got. Used a connecting rod to steer off of main motor. Worked great for slow trolling with Honda 9.9


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      I would recommend you use a kicker bracket to attach your secondary outboard. It has different levels of adjustments so you can raise and lower it depending on wave height. Check out the new 4-strokes, they provide a very quite, clean and efficient ride while trolling. With your size of boat anywhere between a 6-9.9hp would be more than plenty for your Double Eagle. If you choose a 9.9hp, it could also double as a secondary outboard for another boat. Hope this helps

      Henry Nguyen


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