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question about suzuki engine

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  • question about suzuki engine

    I own a 1986 Suzuki DT 140HP oil injected engine.
    This is on my 19.5 sea nymph fish and ski boat. Last summer, around the end of September I went for my last ride with my wife and kids, got it up to 35MPH for a bit did about 45min travel time mostly att 15-20mph. stopped for fishing for 1h drove back not problem, great power no noise or vibration all seemed good.
    Few days later I did my winterising, I got the hoses plugged on the engine water running fine through the engine ran It for 15 so the oil in the foot would drain better, stop the engine drained the oil, top it up with new oil, started the engine up again, fog the carbs ( it never stalled) then stopped the engine, removed the plugs one by one and fog the chambers. Then got it in my Tempo and got it out last week.

    Got it to a local boat shop here in Gatineau Quebec, ask them to perform a tune up and full check on my boat. Got a call today and I am really confused.

    First he tells me the engine compression is a full solid 125psi in all 4 cylinder, and that he confirms having good sparck but the lower piston is not working ???
    He also tells me the engine gets really hot so he believe that the head gasket is blown and that there is possible head damage or more????

    How can the compression be good with a head gasket blown and why is it now overheating then last year it was fine…

    Any idea comments…

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    What does "the lower piston is not working mean"? if mechanical damage is a possibility ask for a leak down test to confirm.. (in your case I doubt it)
    If there is spark in all four cylinders and good compression, i'd be looking at fuel.
    2 stroke engines need to suck, squeeze and go bang.. its pretty simple
    A easy reliable test is with engine running and hooked to good water supply.. with air box removed just spray fuel at the suspected carb and if it smooth's out then we have a fuel delivery problem in that carb.
    If not then maybe we better look else where..

    good luck


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      alright piston one and two 110psi, piston 3 and 4 125psi... electrique works great. #4 carb not receiving enough gas. need to find cause. will remove head gasket to see piston and block maybe find why the upper 2 piston are equal att 110 but lower then the lower 2 pistons.


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