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Deep and wide 14 utility boat

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  • Deep and wide 14 utility boat

    I want to buy a 14 aluminum utility boat for a very small body of water my cottage is located on. I want the widest and deepest 14 utility boat available for stability and in case I use it in larger bodies of water. I also realize the deepest boat may not be the widest. Without having to go to 20 different dealers, can anyone tell me the brands and models I should be looking at? I appreciate your input. Thanks.

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    I can recommend MirroCraft Utility V model 4650-S. But be careful with the seller, sometime before I purchased a new brand boat Princess 55 Flybridge from Princess Yachts UK and this purchase was a real nightmare. You can read my story in blog, link bellow . Wish you luck with your purchase!
    A blog about problems encountered during our purchase of Princess Yachts 55 Flybridge


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