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  • Motor weight

    Recently purchased a sea runner 17 and it has a 1995 evinrude 90hp 2 stroke and a 2003 Honda 8hp 4 stroke. I find it sits pretty deep on the back end at slow speeds... planes up great at speed. Trolling makes me wonder how it would be with some waves....

    was considering getting a 4 stroke for the main motor and maybe put a trolling plate on it and just lose the 8hp kicker.

    question is... is there any way a newer 90hp 4 stroke would be lighter than my current motor +kicker setup? I have read the 4 strokes are heavier than 2 strokes?

    any advice would be appreciated


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    Your four stroke is going to weigh more than the two stroke. Where is the fuel tank and batteries? Any pictures of it sitting in the water? There might be a chance it is water logged in the back end of the boat, might be an idea to take it over a set of scales and see what the weight is.


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