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    Well as a newbie here and new boat owner, I have a question or two. So here goes, Have a 1979 Reinell 30ft cruiser given to me and am just getting it ready for some seasonal fishing. The boat is in very good shape and passed all certifications for charter use. However I will not be chartering. I started both of these engines yesterday after installing new batteries and had both engines running for about 30 minutes. Ran beautifully, very smooth no vibration what so ever. After 30 min. port engine just quit and would not start again. After about 40 min. starboard engine also quit, however I could start it again and it would run for about 3 seconds. So being relatively mechanically inclined was wondering if someone out here could steer me in a general direction. I have a feeling that the coil on the port engine may be suspect, as from other persons have directed me. The coils I suspect have never been changed so will change them. This is a 228 mercruiser with 350 chev engines. Any help out here? Would be gratefully appreciated.

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    The engine that is not running, are you getting any spark? If no start there, cool, plug wires, plugs. If yes you have a fuel issue, carb cleaning and new fuel, would use a supreme fuel.


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