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Winterizing an outboard

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  • Winterizing an outboard

    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new boat owner as of June and I'm learning how monumentally little I know about boats. I'm good with cars and motorcycles, but powerboats are a new animal to me. I keep the boat (Larson 14 foot with a Johnson 140 hp V4) at a cabin out of the water when we're not there to use it. Winter's coming, so here's my big question:

    I don't want to run the engine out of the water, I have no running water or large source of water so cooling it properly is out of the question. What is the best way to get the entire motor flooded with antifreeze without running the motor?

    So far, I used a hand drill powered pump to fill the lower leg but the thermostat blocks the antifreeze from flowing to the rest of the motor. To (hopefully) overcome that, I used the same pump in the outflow hose from what I believe is the coolant housing to reverse the antifreeze until it came out a hole higher up. I ran that until half a gallon of antifreeze was used up.

    Is this enough? Would antifreeze have flowed through the cooling channels in the motor or is the thermostat still in the way? I'm looking down the barrel of a winter with typical -30C temps, so this is serious to me.
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