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Is 3.0 L power enough?

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  • Is 3.0 L power enough?

    I want to get a newer boat and would like to go to an inboard. I can find quite a few mid 2000's with 3.0 L engines in it but not sure if it is enough power after talking with a few people. Most say if you want to pull 2 (one person) tubes and have 4-6 kids/adults in the boat you need to go to a 4.3 L engine as you won't have the power. I don't know anyone who has a 3.0 so wondering other peoples thoughts, experiences.

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    I would agree with the people you chatted with because you maybe working the engine to its limits.


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      What I tell people wanting to do any watersports:
      up to 16.5 feet = 3.0 fine
      up to 18.5 feet = 4.3 fine
      19 to 20- 4.3 MPI or V8
      over 20 = V8
      over 23 feet = big block V8

      I have repowered two 4 cylinder bots to V6's - The 3.0 is a great engine, but a lot of entry level boats have it stressed to its limits.
      The slightest hiccup of imperfect fuel, a wee ding on a prop blade, or green growth on the hull and you can feel the lack of power.
      In a bigger boat, that 3.0 is screaming away over 4000 rpm a lot of the time....just gives me an uneasy feeling.
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        Thanks to all who responded. I have purchased a 06 Bayliner with 4.3 MPI. Excellent boat so far.


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          Originally posted by praaa View Post
          I have purchased a 06 Bayliner with 4.3 MPI. Excellent boat so far.
          Lets see your new boat and tubing pictures.


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            Why would you even want a boat when a plain is faster?! Pleese stop beleiving in old fashion


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              the rain in spain is faster than your plain, jane


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