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Newby needs motor advice!!

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  • Newby needs motor advice!!

    My family is completely new to boating. We have decided to purchase our very first boat as our 9 and 11 year old children love fishing and watersports. We are looking to purchase an open bow boat between 17 and 18 feet long year 2000 and up. While most boats tend to be similar layouts the main thing that is holding me back from a purchase is digesting all the different options for motor size, type and brand. I have pretty much decided I would like an outboard motor but need some help from anyone with boating experience. How big do I need? 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke? Johnson vs Merc vs other? Please help me out with any opinions. THANKS!!!

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    Hello if I was you I would look into a 100 four stroke merc it may just a little big but when it comes to water sports it's your best bet. You may also find a cheap 2 stroke in the same size but I find they are more problematic with idle and smoking .. Being as your a first timer boater save yourself some headaches and more fun by going with a four stroke outboard


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