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  • Sail the world!

    Travel the world!

    Do you dream of adventure? Do you want to leave your high stress life behind in favor of tropical beaches and turquoise clear water? Have you ever wondered what the wildlife is like in the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Tonga, Panama, Fiji, Australia, India, Africa? Do you want to have more fun? Start living the life you have always dreamed of.

    We are a group of 4 friendly travellers who have a 46' dual mast (ketch) sailboat, currently at anchor in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are three men and one woman, ranging in age from our mid twenties to mid fifties. Our interests include downhill mountain biking, diving, surfing, community building, rope swings, acro yoga, reading, and of course, sailing. 3 of us including the captain have been to burning man. The captain has owned this boat for 8 years. He has extensive experience sailing including crossing the Pacific Ocean twice and has survived a hurricane on this sturdy boat.

    We are looking to add two more people to join us on our adventure. Our plan is to circumnavigate the globe over the next 3 years. Expected departure date June 21, 2016

    We have a rough route drafted up. Which heads south from Vancouver to Panama. From there, west across the Pacific, first stop Galapagos! Then we will spend six to eight months sailing among the Polynesian Islands before heading towards Australia and Indonesia. Next we will continue west to India, Madagascar, eastern Africa, South Africa, across the south Atlantic Ocean to Brazil before ending up in the Caribbean Sea.

    We are planning to film large portions of the trip so we can make a documentary at the end of it all. This might help us find potential sponsors. Along the way we are hoping to help out in some impoverished communities too.

    For the next 5 months we will be getting the boat into ship shape. This will give us the best chance of completing the journey. It is also an opportunity to learn the ropes. Get familiar with the boat, and sailing in general. We want to have a team approach and get to know each other well.

    Now, some might not want to or be able to go all the way around. Say you only want to go for 3 months, or a year. That's great too! We could take on a single or couple for a portion of the trip and you could fly home when it is all said and done, or continue to travel by land if that is your choice.

    If you feel like you could handle being in close quarters with 5 other people for up to a month without seeing land. If you have some time off work, or are between jobs, or are just getting out of school. If you are physically capable of pulling an anchor out the water. And have a reasonable travel budget. You might be just the person we are looking for. You will need a valid passport too.

    How much does it cost? Less than you'd expect. For a short term trip of less than 6 months, $1,000 USD per person, per month. For a little longer trip, up to and including the full term, $3,000 CAD deposit up front, and $300 per month for maintenance, plus living and entertainment expense. Realistically, you could travel a year for $10,000 - $12,000, the entire planet for $20,000. Much less than the cost of buying your own boat. And considerably less than travelling via air and paying for accommodations along the way.

    So send us an email with details about yourself and what interests you about this trip. We are excited to hear from you!

    Here's a few pictures to give you an idea of what you can expect.


    Jamie, Kat, Daen, Myles

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