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Hello everybody.. New guy here.

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  • Hello everybody.. New guy here.

    Name's Leelan.. thanks for having me, the gal behind the registry counter was super gentle...)
    Im here for some information on an adventure I have been cooking up for some time now and would love to learn about the ways of the boat.
    I suppose its probably a cliche by now but after 5 years of travel while serving in the Corps, and another 5 years living in the civilian world, I am ready to move on with another great journey.

    Thinking of purchasing a reasonably priced houseboat/sailboat/motorized what have you.. something that can comfortably keep me and my dog happy while I work the coastal tourism spots along the way. First destination is right here in san francisco where i currently live. ultimately I would like to make the trip to the Med sea and link up with some friends I havent seen there since 2000. Hoping to live and work near croatia and travel the sea.

    So... how crazy is this for a single guy and his dog to pull it off?
    could I make the trip from SF to the MED solo?
    what size boat and what type would you recommend?
    what unknown costs aside from the boat and life raft could I expect to pay for the ocean voyage?

    any advice to get me started would be awesome.

    Glad to be here folks, I look forward to learning as much as I can.


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    So cool

    Hello Leelan,

    Your plan seems great, it will be quite an adventure for sure! Unfortunately, i don't have that much experience to help you but the key to success should be in the equipment, also preparing the possible emergencies! This website could be a good ref to check your boat and bags: http://www.nauticexpo.com/

    Enjoy your life!



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