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First time boat purchase

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  • First time boat purchase


    Not sure if this is the right space to post this in however, here goes.

    I have a couple of questions regarding motorized yachts, I am, looking into buying one to live aboard. The type I am looking at is around the 30 ft mark with bedroom, kitchen, toilet/shower, dinette, and additional guest sleeping area, seating on deck with an enclosed canopy. Most of the ones in my price range are a bit older like late 80's early 90's and have been used in saltwater.
    Here we go, ready?:
    What factors affect price with these boats? What key things should I look for when purchasing a boat?

    Engine - how many hours before you need a rebuild? Worth it to buy a new one vs. rebuild? Why do some have twin engines (like 4.3L twin Mercruser engines?) rather than one? Price?

    Outside Does fiberglass remain relatively stable after years of use? i.e a boat from the 80s vs. boat from 2000s? How does saltwater affect things like corrosion on the inside and out? Pros/cons of an older boat?

    Upkeep- what are some things I need to do for upkeep? I plan to live on it, in a marina year round.

    Insurance expensive? Factors affecting insurance/premiums for live aboards?

    Slips- In Vancouver, B.C I know that a well located slip is hard to come by, i.e Heather Civic and Burrard Marina, what is your experience with waitlists? Know of any good Marinas that allow live aboards?

    Appreciate your help in answering some/all of my questions

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    Not sure regarding some of your questions however regarding insurance, some companies will not offer live aboard cover, The main rating factors are the age, value and construction maretial of the vessel. Again some insurers may ask for a survey where others do not. It is best to shop around and get various quotations.


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