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    Thanks for letting me join your forum.

    I'm producing a new and improved marker minder and was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing one? Great gift idea for someone you know that has a boat.

    What is a Marker Minder?

    Marker Minders are a great way to show boaters how to navigate basic marked channels. These are ideal on the dashboard or binnacle top ahead of the captain.

    “The simplest and most important thing to remember is my favorite rule.”


    This simply means when you are going “upstream” you keep the RED markers on your right and when you are going downstream you keep the GREEN markers on your right.

    Remember This: When leaving the main channel to enter a marina, you are then going upstream, which means you keep the red markers on the right. Not all marina's have marked channels. When leaving the marina, you are going downstream to the main marked channel. Once you are back in the main marked channel, rotate your channel marker, either way, depending upon your chosen destination, upstream or downstream.

    The reason I changed the design is that the suction cup never stuck to the boat. You always have to pull off the red and green caps and switch them.

    The new marker minder will stick to your boat (base only) You will be able to turn the maker minder from red to green without popping off the caps.
    When your none boating for the weekend you are able to pop the maker off the base and store it away until your next boating trip. (reason for this is fading after a long period of time)

    After doing my research on the old marker minders I'm finding the newest brand that is out there comes with 2 rubber caps red and green but they are exactly the same. The red one should have a point on it so when it's sunny out and you can't see the colors you can feel the difference. The new Marker Minder comes with this tip.

    I'm excited to also share that based on the costing of the older models anywhere from $9.99 to $18.99 plus tax and shipping, I will be able to sell these at $9.89 plus tax and shipping.

    These will be arriving the first week of January 2019 and will be taking preorder soon.
    I would like some feedback on the new marker minder and would like to know if you would be interested in purchasing one?

    Finished product 3D DRAWING 3D DRAWING

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    Do you also have a video on how this is supposed to work? I'd love to check it out.


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