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I am looking at purchasing a used boat

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  • I am looking at purchasing a used boat

    I am looking at purchasing a used boat this year in the 22-26 foot range. I want sleeping accomodaions for 4, small galley and closed in head with a toilet that has a pump out storage tank. I've been loking at Four winns, Rinker, Wellcraft and Sea Ray. I'm looking for aboat in the 8-10 year old rnage with low hours. They all seem comaparable in features and power trains. What boat is the best quality?

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    Hi Bob

    "They all seem comparable in features and power trains. What boat is the best quality?"

    That is a question probably in the mind of anyone buying a boat. It is an impossible one to answer however, so here is my caveat instead, as a marine surveyor:
    You need to realize that boats are a product built on a for-profit bases. What this means basically is, that if you were to build a boat to sell you would use material dimensions that are consistent with what is normally accepted as the minimum required to fulfill a particular purpose design. A boat of a particular length for service as a recreational vessel needs a particular amount of meat & potatoes built into her hull and decks in order to stay in one piece as you use it. Only builders of special purpose or custom designed craft will put more materials into the boat than the minimum scantlings calls for, for obvious reasons. So, with a very few exceptions to the better or worse, the major brands all are built pretty much the same structurally. What makes one more $ to purchase than an other, is really dictated by how the superficial items are designed, fitted and finished.
    The important caveat is right here: They all have Monday's and Friday's boats - they are built by hand for the most part by sometimes minimum wage persons and the build quality leaving the production floor can be very inconsistent. If I go to work with a hangover on Monday, I may not care as much about how I do my job as I care about the splitting headache I'm nursing.
    (There are a lot of other factors sometimes involved as well; I was doing an inspection inside the lay-up facility of a very well regarded builder one day when I witnessed an issue with environmental controls of the building and guys actually dripping sweat into the laminate as they were laying up a hull.)

    And, there are some specific makes that would fit the "lemon law" scenarios if the industry was not completely unregulated....

    The most important thing you can do is to have the boat properly surveyed by a proper surveyor with real experience and expertise - hiring a surveyor in itself can be a crapshoot and is probably the most important thing to do right when you purchase any boat. A good surveyor will look after your interest all through the purchase process from steering you away from lemons to finding the flaws in a Monday's boat, should the case be.
    Consider hiring the right surveyor as the most important piece of the puzzle of boat buying! You may have to pay for more than one survey if major problems are found, but that is a miniscule price to pay for finding the right boat at the right price. And, the right boat is always out there, you just need to come across her.....


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      Just a small tip for anyone looking online. The more a website is established as one of the "big ones" the more it will be checked by the pros for bargains. Some even offer a notification system, for which traders pay, and with which they get a phone call as soon as something interesting comes in.
      So if you put in a real bargain, you will usually get your first phonecall within minutes. Always try the new portals (like boats24.com, just reopened a couple of weeks ago), your chances of finding something worthwhile are much better there.

      greetings, george.


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        I know that you say that you are looking in the 8-10 year old range but I have a decent 26.5 Doral Citation for sale for under 5 grand. It only has 700 hrs on the 5.7 Merc. Email me if you want more info about it loverocks69r@yahoo.ca

        The boat is in Parry Sound Ontario


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          original post is over 2 years old


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            Oops. Good point. Lol


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