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Bought my first boat, need advice

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  • Bought my first boat, need advice

    I just bought an old 14' Fiberglass boat, looks to be an older glastron with a 40HP evinrude (runs well). I'd like any information on speed or power upgrades that are cheap and simple to give the boat a little extra power. Also would like to know some quick maintenance tips to make sure the engine is reliable and ready for the water. thanks in advance!
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    Hi Curwin, I'm just new here but after looking at your pic, I couldn't resist replying. Many years ago, my first boat was an old 1964 Brunswick Seafire 14'. The darn thing was so old it had fins! No kidding! It looked like a nasty old Plymouth land yacht with chrome in places where today's boats haven't! lol
    The best advice I know to enhance your ride is to carefully go over the hull and look for any spots that have osmosis happenning, gouges, scrapes or other "parasite drag" areas and clean them up good. Then give the hull a major waxing. Many books are available at your local library on hull care...get 'em!
    Seeing it's your first boat, I hope you took your boater's training course! Accidents on the water happen way too quick!
    Good luck, Curwin


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      Just a quick tip:
      Transoms are cored with plywood - before you consider higher HP (or even with what you already have) check the integrity of the transom.
      You know, to be sure you don't overload it with the weight and power of a bigger motor.


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        Never get this thing into mind that you have bought an old one, instead think that now this thing owns to you and you can do anything with it. For maintenance of it, used to go to a well experienced service men so that no stupid thing can happen with it.
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          Hey Curwin,

          Congratulations on your new purchase. I would contact a BRP or Evinrude dealer and check out the max RPM you should be getting on that outboard. When your at full throttle you should be just hitting the maximum RPM without over revving. This will give you the best performance for your boat. If your under revving or over revving it means that the pitch on your current propeller is too big or to small. A stainless steel prop will only hinder your performance and very unforgiving if you hit something. Mercury marine makes a 4 bladed propeller called a spitfire that you can use with your evinrude. All you need is a hub kit to retrofit it to your current outboard. I hope these tips will help you with your boating season.

          Cheers Henry.
          Legend Boats


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            Congrats on the completely new invest in. We would speak to any BRP or perhaps Evinrude vendor to investigate this max RPM you should be having about that will outboard. Bankruptcy lawyer las vegas on total throttle you should be simply striking the maximum RPM without having over revving.
            GOOD LUCK NICE 8

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