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Best Wi-Fi options at dock

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  • Best Wi-Fi options at dock

    We are looking for a year long lease for our schooner, one place has Wi-Fi on the dock, but the others do not. Anyone have any idea how difficult it is to get our our Wi-Fi at the dock without being very expensive?

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    There are LOTS of options out there! Cost will vary drastically depending on the area/country you live in. I have a Bell modem that runs off satelite and it works awesome, howeverif you are streaming movies and whatnot often, you will run into over-charges most likely. I'd just go into a few of your local service providers and see what they have to say.


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      We have found that decent wifi an issue (in the past)...and its one thing that is very important to us....we don't stream movies....but web surfing for information....posting in our travel blog....staying in contact with family and friends all are at the top of the list of things that are important to us...We can always plug a DVD into the tv for entertainment or listen to a broadcast on many radio stations we are able to get with the equipment on board...See a pattern here ? We are not much for monthly "pay as you go " stuff...We do have smart phones but don't rely on them to much when we are aboard our boat...
      In regards to Wifi....this is what we do.....I have a high power wifi booster installed (Wirie AP+)....If we are moored / anchored anywhere near civilization I can usually find an unsecured wifi signal that we can fact we have been a mile or more out and still able to connect to a signal....Yes If you are really boating off shore...its no use...or if you are up the BC coast in an isolated spot...probably no signal...But we find that MOST of the time we are good to go....You have to get over the initial cost of this equipment....($400 USD) but if thats behind you from then on....enjoy free wifi...Plus we have shared our wifi with other boaters that were docked or anchored close to us because the Wirie creates a local hotspot that others can use if we give them our password..
      Interested ? Google it....but beware there is other equipment out there that is cheaper....difficult to set-up and usually provides little if any support....I guess thats OK if you have a back ground in advanced networking...

      Wes MV Fourpoints


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