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What size boat?

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  • What size boat?

    We (my wife and I) currently live in South Korea but are moving back to California at the end of the year. We're giving serious thought to getting a houseboat, what size would you recommend for a motorboat for a family of three in the San Diego area? We would want to take the boat out occasionally but nothing to serious.

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    I know good boating company in San Diego,

    It's in el cajon,

    You can visit their site and ask their advice,

    well experts advice never go wrong,

    btw their site is sunsetmarine.com


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      What one considers "liveable" is a personal choice. My wife and I have been happy on a 40 footer, cruising and living aboard full time since 1982, both in tropical and northern climates.
      Our friends where we are docked right now, also just a couple with no kids, are on a 98 footer (yes, ninety eight) and she is talking about moving up to 120 feet because the her huge bathroom (he has his own), full of rain-shower heads on the 98 footer is not big enough for her!
      We know an other couple who has been happy on a 28 footer for years.

      To me, the bigger the better, but the reality of it is that the depth of your pockets dictates not so much the initial purchase of the boat, but more so the maintenance, fuel consumption, dockage and periodic haul-out expenses. So, consider those very carefully, with a long term projection of your finances, before you decide on size.


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        hi im new to this site 58yr old single gonna spend rest of my life on a boat van bc to the seven seas from sask not knowing a lot about ocean just took boat op. lisc. wondering how many ft. boat I can go up to with that internayional requirmnts etc where to find this info thanx if yu can help


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