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Help me to find what my boat is... :)

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  • Help me to find what my boat is... :)

    I picked up this boat a year ago... I know it is a speed boat or previous jet boat. Guy that I got it off said it was a Sidewinder, but I can not find one that looks like it. The is an arrow head type mold on the front cowl... matches nothing I have seen except a Fletcher Bravo GTO but those are only boats in the UK but still saw differences. If anyone can help me to tell me exactly what this boat is and roughly what year it is I would be so happy.

    It is 14ft long and originally is an outboard.
    No VIN plate what so ever on this....

    It looks like a Cobra or Sidewinder, or any of those type boats but that arrow head mold on the front is what is different from the rest and I just cant find a boat that has it which leaves me lost to know what it is I have.

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