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Cant figure out what engine i have

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  • Cant figure out what engine i have

    I have recently bought a boat. when i made the purchase i was told the boat came with a 1995 mercury 135hp 2.0 motor. After getting the boat home and snooping around a bit i have noticed that some badging on the motor indicates that the motor is a mercury xri 2.4 litre. i cant find much info on this motor, the transome tag is for a 135 hp but the motor is obviously different. where can i look on the motor itself to find out the hp rating and year of my motor. any help would be great. i wouldnt think i would have so much trouble figuring out this problem. is the serial number somewhere on the motor?

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    Do you have any photos of your engine and there should be #'s


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      Hi Swanrock, Great question, if you can email me the serial number of the block or motor. I can run the serial number for you and tell you exactly that you got.


      Henry Nguyen
      Legend Boats


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